Different methods of controlling pests

A pest is referred to a type of species that causes effects to the life of a human.These pests may cause damage, spreading diseases or illness, and eventually disturb the comfort of daily human life Human beings therefore have come up with ways through which they can get rid of these pests using different methods.
Chemical use is one of the major ways that man has managed to eliminate pests. This method is being used across the world. Chemical prevention method is commonly used in almost every home because they are more comfortable and efficient to use. The insecticides that are used as chemicals are readily available in the market. When using the chemicals, it is advisable that you consult an exterminator. When using some of these chemicals, you should be very careful. You should wear protective gear always. Ensure that the chemicals that you use are safe. Ensure that the chemicals you use on the plants will not be unfavorable especially to the food that you will eat at a later date.
Biological pest control involves the use of other pests as predators to eliminate the population of other types of species that cause harm or disrupt the comfort of a human being, domestic animals, and the surrounding environment. This method ensures that the pest is eliminated without causing damage or harm to the ecosystem. The nature in which this process is executed involves taking of the food chain hierarchy so as less or no harm is inflicted on the surrounding ecosystem
you can also use non-chemical techniques to eliminate the same pests. Other natural methods you can use may include traps, handpicking, and hunting the pests. Mechanical is the use of hands or simple equipment and tools to create a barrier between the insects and plants. By tiling the land, you will end up exposing the pests and hence you can get rid of them this way. Tilling kills the animals by exposing them on the surface which might leave them without feed and hence end up dying. The animals may end up without any food and eventually die.
the cats at home can also be used to get rid of some rodents that are found at home or in the compound. This is a method that has been used for a long time. The method will be suitable in a specific area since pests like the rodents occupy places like where the bins are stored.
Hunting technique has also been in use from time immemorial to control species. This may include the use of traps to trap all pests that come to the house or the compound. This method is effective because you don’t have to use any chemicals.
In a nutshell, you can use different methods to get to one job and that is eradicating pests. To ensure the effectiveness of these methods, ensure that you keep the environment clean to prevent them from coming back. This will therefore eradicate diseases in your midst.

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